• By Buildfix

Retaining Wall Saved From Knockdown And Rebuild In Gosford

This double brick retaining wall in Gosford NSW, built at the same time as the adjoining strata manage block, was starting to become unsafe and unsightly. The residents

decided enough was enough and a local contractor was sought to knockdown and rebuild. However, after receiving multiple quotes, the high cost of a knockdown and rebuild was off putting and the committee decided an alternative solution maybe required to keep cost form spiraling. The committee looked further a field for a specialist contractor and was please to discover a company specialising in just the problem they were having that could offer a permanent solution and at a much lower cost than knocking down the wall and rebuilding it.


Retaining walls require an outlet for water that may build up in the retaining soils. It was discovered by Buildfix that the wall had no weep holes present and this was the likely cause of wall movement. It was also recommended that the small tree be removed as roots were discovered to effect the rear of the wall during the initial inspection.


Reinstating missing brickwork at the crack and manipulate existing brickwork to take away, as best as possible, the miss alignment of the disturbed brick courses. Create masonry beams every four courses of brickwork the full length of the wall and return. Cut out new weep holes every 450mm to allow water to pass through the wall and remove nearby vegetation.