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Job Completion Form Change

From today the completion forms have been updated.

The reason for the change:

1. To speed up the form submissions for invoicing

Having forms arrive in real time as soon as the works are complete will allow invoices to be sent the next day to customers. This is important as it will show customers that we are professional and don't mess around. It will lead to fast payments by customers.

2. Reduce complications after works are complete

One of our biggest problems with customers is issues arising after we leave site. One of the core responsibilities of technicians is to ensure the customer is happy with the work. Although this is the case most of time, about 5% are dissatisfied with work. Most of the dissatisfaction can be avoided with a simple conversation and some minimal action to meet their concerns. The issues can be; rubbish left behind, a joint that needs pointing, a bar missed, an additional attempt to lift the structure or another area treated. The list goes on, but having that discussion at the end can make the difference to the outcome of the job. Further training is being arrange to help combat our effectiveness in this area, and to hear and learn from each others experiences. Its a very difficult problem and continual learn is important

3. Make it easier for technicians

We are always looking to make your job the best as it can be. Its hard enough as it is doing the actual work, without having the extra demand of a form to complete, so we will keep trying to improve our systems for you. The form is a very innovative way for you to communicate the outcome of the job, but we will continue to make it better.

4. Less back end administration

The form, unlike its predecessor, is completely automated. Up to 8 hours of manual processing will be removed. Essentially, as soon as its sent, it will instantly send an email to both the customer and office accounts. The form will also be created in to a PDF and attached to each email for good record keeping.

5. Customer signs off

The number 1 feature of the form is the sign off by the customer. The hope is this will reduce the liability of the company to any problems that would require us to return to site.


The form is similar to the previous form, but has some major difference on how we should complete it. Here are the main set of instruction to follow. The obvious one don't need explaining.

1. Job Notes For Office

This is your opportunity to communicate with the office without making phone calls. This information is very valuable when dealing with the customers. Keeps us on the front foot all the time. Importantly, the customer doesn't receive this typed information, its for internal use only.

2. Job Notes

This is the big difference for you regarding typed information. The fields will be pre-typed; all you are required to do is choose the one relevant to your job.

3. Job Photos

You can now upload multiple photos at once. Take as many photos as you like, and the more the better saved on the iCloud, but only upload the before and after shots, and things you think the customer might bring up.

4. Next Page

The form is now split in two, the first is the report and second is customer info. On the second page, input the address and customers name (without any spelling errors please).

5. Customers Email

The email address is to be filled by the customer. It's super, super important that its correct. if you think the customer has it wrong or is just guessing, push them to get it right.

If the customer is not onsite or refuses to sign, input info@buildfix.com.au. into the email field, and the office will discuss job with the customer utilising the job notes left by the technicians.

6. Date

Customer to date it.

7. Customer Signature

Customer to sign.

If customer is unavailable, write in the box, "customer not available to sign".

If the customer refuses to sign, write in the box, "customer refuses to sign".

8. Rate our service

Let the customer hit the star rating. If its 4 or 5, explain we'll be sending a invitation for them to leave a review and it would make a big difference if they could get on their and shot one through. Our office will send them a link to make easy for them. Takes about 2 minutes to write one, but means a lot to us.

If you require any further assistance or want to leave feedback, please call Jordan or Ole.