• By Buildfix

Building Stabilisation To End Terrace In Redfern

The new owners of this double brick end terrace were a little shocked to discover a huge crack running the full height of their Red Fern home.


If you look a little closer at the picture above, you will notice that the wall crack has been filled with a silicone based filler. Upon closer inspection Buildfix noticed that different filler had been used over a number of years. This suggest that the hadn't moved much over a long period of time and historical movement is the likely cause. However, what may not be so obvious in the picture above is the bow in the wall. A bowing wall could have many contributing factors such as, material decay or expansion but in this case the untreated crack played a factor as loads from the two floor levels above could not be evenly distributed.


Remove cracked render and expose cracked brickwork. Install crack stitching system, inject cracks and repair render to match existing. The bowing wall was treated with a tying system that connected the brickwork to the internal timber structure.