• By Buildfix

End Terrace Gable Restoration, Rozelle

As you may gather from the picture above, this end terrace home in Rozelle is pretty old for Australian standards. Constructed in the late eighteen century to house local working class family's from the fisheries industry. This gable forms part of terrace block that stretches most of the street and wouldn't look out of place in industrial England, hinting to its original builder and first occupants.


After talking to the neighbor it was noted that the gable hadn't had any work carried out in over 50 years, but this is likely to be more. The structural crack to left of the bottom window had be there for many years and likely cause is the buildings age.


Remove loose render, inject cracks with structural grout, install crack stitching system, repair render and paint. The wall head, chimney and lead flashing was also fix. With structural integrity reinstated and maintenence issuse delt with ths gable is once again fit for pupose.