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Sinking Floors

The brick pier foundations underneath your house provide stability and keep your floors level. As your house ages, so will the pier foundations and ground underneath it. They can shift or sink causing the floor inside your house to dip or bend inwards.


Your sunken floors may even separate from the bottom of your walls.


These gaps between the walls and the floors can create chilly drafts in the winter, increased humidity in the summer and provide an entry for unwelcome bugs and bacteria all year round.


Sunken floors are an indicator of structural issues in your home from a variety of subsidence factors that include –


  • Excessive moisture in the soil

  • Consistently dry, hot weather

  • Seismic activity or vibrations from heavy vehicles from nearby roads

  • Tree roots growing under the ground

  • Poorly prepared soil prior to construction


If you have sunken floors in your home, it’s time to get it inspected.

Look familiar? 

Sunken floor

Gaps between pier & timber

Cracked soil under floor

Our teams of technicians can fix your sunken floors and foundation piers in a single day without needing to knock down or rebuild a thing.


Every member of our team is fully qualified, licensed and possesses extensive experience. What’s really causing your sinking floors is quickly diagnosed.


Using the latest techniques and technological innovations, our team will stabilise the ground, stabilise your house piers and close those gaps between your walls and floors.


We promise:


  • Personal, friendly service: we’ll treat your home as if it’s ours

  • Free structural inspections: we come and inspect your sinking floors and house piers for nothing

  • Simple, transparent quotes: our quotes come with easy to understand computer-generated drawings that detail our proposed solution

  • Minimal disruptions to your life: fixing your sunken floors and house piers won’t take more than a day

  • Minimal disruptions to your home: we don’t use underpinning and we don’t knock down walls

  • Affordable pricing: unlike many other building companies, we only charge between $2,000 to $5,000 to fix your sunken floors. Find out more about our sunken floor repair pricing

  • Permanent fixes: we’re thorough in what we do, what we fix stays fixed

  • 10-year warranty: in the rare case your floors sink again, we’ll be back to fix them at no extra cost.

Find out more about our processes.

When it comes to re-levelling sinking floor piers we’re second to none

Need your sinking floors fixed?

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