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Rising damp in walls

In a home with porous masonry or wooden floors and walls, rising damp sucks. Literally. It’s your walls and floors absorbing water out of the ground.


Rising damp is ugly. It causes paint to flake, bricks to crack and wood to rot. With its musty odour, it smells so bad your friends might not want to come around for your next dinner party.


But rising damp doesn’t just look and smell bad, it’s a horrible health hazard for your family, your guests and for you.


With so much moisture being absorbed, rising damp turns the walls and foundations of your home into a petri dish for bacteria and mould. It attracts mites and is the perfect environment for bugs to grow.

Worst of all, the moisture damage caused by rising damp makes your walls and floors susceptible to decay and structural damage.


If you’re worried that your home is becoming a health hazard, it’s time to get your building inspected.


Signs of rising damp

Flaking paint

Mould near the floor

Structural damage

Examples of Rising Damp problems Buildfix have repaired.

Over the years, our fully licenced and highly qualified teams of technicians have successfully repaired rising damp in countless homes, new built and heritage. We have the know-how to help you eliminate rising damp.


With our extensive experience, our structural engineers will inspect any damp walls or damp floors and our technicians will fix them by injecting a special chemical directly into the wall.


Unlike built-in barriers, built-in ventilation systems and site drainage systems, our special process is quick, clean, cost-effective, safe and perfect for heritage homes.


By fixing rising damp, you’ll be keeping moisture out of the walls and floors, for a safer home that looks and smells great!



We promise:


  • Personal, friendly service: we’ll treat your home as if it’s ours

  • Free damp inspections: we come and look at your house for nothing

  • Simple, transparent quotes: our quotes come with easy to understand computer-generated drawings that detail our proposed solution

  • Minimal disruptions to your life: fixing rising damp shouldn’t take more than a day

  • Minimal disruptions to your home: we inject our damp barrier in small holes that are filled to match the existing colour

  • Affordable pricing: unlike many other building companies, we usually only charge between $2,000 to $5,000 for our rising damp treatment process

  • Permanent fixes: we’re thorough in what we do, what we fix stays fixed

  • 20-year warranty: in the rare case rising damp comes back, we’ll be back too, at no extra cost.

Our expert teams will help you eliminate rising damp

How our damp treatment works

Our damp treatment DampBlock™ works by filling the tiny capillaries in bricks that act like a sponge to allow moisture to rise. After 24 hours, DampBlock™ will set dry and stop moisture from entering the capillaries, curing rising damp permanently.


Example of a brick before rising damp injection process.


Example of the brick after injection process shows brick treated.


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Do you have rising damp in your walls and floors?

We’d be happy to inspect your house at no charge. *


If your home has damp floors or damp walls accompanied by a musty smell or even mould damage, contact us today to book a free inspection.

We’re looking forward to helping you restore your house with our special rising damp treatment process.


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