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Frequently asked questions about our free structural  inspections

Question 1

My home has structural problems. I’d like an inspection and a quote. What happens next?


  • Your inspection request will be received by our receptionist who will pass it onto our project coordination team

  • Our project coordination team will liaise with our structural engineers to find out their earliest availability

  • Our team will be in touch to make sure their availability is the same as yours so we can visit for an inspection


Question 2

What happens when your structural engineers arrive at my home?


  • When our engineer arrives at your home, they’ll be looking for the source of your home’s structural challenges

  • Our engineer will diagnose the source of your home’s problems so they can be permanently repaired

  • After the inspection, our engineer will explain the problems in detail to you and give you an explanation of what the solutions will be


Question 3

How much will an inspection and quote cost?


  • Majority of companies in our industry charge between $500 and $2000 dollars

  • At Buildfix, inspections are complimentary

  • The extensive experience of our expert team of structural engineers and technicians allow them to work efficiently and precisely

  • We inspect buildings and create quotes for FREE


Question 4

How long does it take to get a quote?


  • We’re extremely experienced and confident in what we do

  • Because of this, we’ll let you know how much your fixes will cost - on the spot

  • We’ll also be able to tell you how long the structural problems of your home will take to fix

  • After a thorough inspection, putting a quote together will take no more than 5 minutes, on-site

  • We’ll send you a formal written quotation via email within five business days of visiting your home, along with computer-generated drawings detailing our proposed solution.

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