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New Service Added

Updated: Jan 27

Introducing our new service.

What is it?

The new FlexiFinish system is our take to the ever popular finish plaster market. The bulk of the product is Thistle Multifinish from the UK. Multifinish is the most widely used plaster finishing system in the UK and Europe. It can turn an old shabby looking wall into a sleek new wall in minutes.

Why we need it?

All to often we hear customer complaints on how the wall looks after the job is complete inside. Now we have an answer for them! The system will be offer during the initial inspection and gives customers options when engaging us.

Who will be doing it?

To begin, we'll be trialing a new team headed by Daf. The system will only be available in the Sydney area to begin with. The new team will be called, CT1.

When does it start?

29th Jan 2020

For further information regarding the system, please contact Dale or Daf.