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Introducing Buildfix Plus+

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

When it comes to innovating our business, we continue to take things to the next level. Introducing our new Buildfix Plus+ Software!

Intro: What is it?

Over the past couple of years we have been hunting the digital software market for a solution to our structural repair detail problem. We searched high and low, from app developer, to software provider and nothing fitted our needs. So since October 2019, we have been hard at work developing our own application and supporting software. What we came up with is quite spectacular.

We've named it Buildfix Plus+ Software, because its been built and designed for us, by us. It's a completely new type of application that we believe is unique and innovative for our industry.

We keep investing in the future.

What was involved?

When creating this app we:

  • Employed a team of coders to input code for over 800 hours

  • Skyped called 23 times - totaling 40 hours,

  • Typed over 10,000 words explaining our requirements,

  • And, tested it on over 200 projects.

The whole project was overseen by Ole Evensen, IT.

Why this will help you.

Gone are the days when details would be partially completed and you would have to second guess the locations of bars and injection points. The details are now completed in real time during, or just after the inspection. As new Engineers come on board with us, they'll be able to communicate with you directly, no more third hand information.

  • Details are completed on the spot,

  • Information will be much more accurate,

  • Updates can be added to each detail swiftly,

  • And, more details can be created per week, which means more work for the company and you.

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