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Our Brands

Our brands are the latest in product innovation and have been specifically designed to repair residential buildings.

We've developed GeoPoly™ soil stabilisation resin to specifically seek out voids and weaknesses below walls and structures that cause subsidence. GeoPoly™ 

repairs foundations without the need for expensive concrete underpinning and is rated to last for over 50 years.

Our high-strength, stainless steel HelicalBar™ is a leader in the industry. With its unique ultra-durable, triple-fin 6mm design, it works by reconnecting walls and stabilising masonry structures permanently without the need to knock-down and rebuild walls. 

Our damp treatment DampBlock™ works by filling the tiny capillaries in bricks that act like sponges to allow moisture to rise. After 24 hours, DampBlock™ will set dry and stop moisture from entering the capillaries -  curing rising damp permanently.

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