End terrace wall and facade repaired in Rozelle.

Our brief

Constructed in the late 1800s, this end terrace home is part of a terrace block stretching the majority of this Rozelle street. It housed working class families from the fishing and shipbuilding industries when it was first built, and is still a residence today.


Over the years, a large wall crack had emerged from the bottom of the terrace wall to the top. As a result of instability, the chimney had also started to come apart and could have fallen off the roof at any moment.


According to neighbours, the terrace wall and gable had not received any maintenance for more than 50 years.

Our challenge

We analysed the foundations towards the rear of the building upon which the end terrace wall sat and discovered them to be shallow and made of reactive clay soil.


The soil was shifting and moving, its volume changing depending on the amount of moisture it soaked from liquids such as rainwater.


This was one of the major reasons for the wall crack and the unstable chimney, along with age.

Our solution

We took a bottom-to-top approach to this project starting with foundations under the terrace.


By injecting geopolymer resins into the reactive clay soil, we were able to stabilise the ground and keep it from expanding and contracting any further. By doing so, we cut off the possibility of any new wall cracks.


To repair the primary wall crack from bottom to top, we installed our specialist structural steel rods to literally stitch the crack back together and restabilise the entire wall. To refill the gaps brought about by age and damage, we utilised structural grout.


The wall head, chimney and lead flashing were also repaired during the process. For a beautiful finish, all loose render was removed and replaced with brand new render and re-painted.​

The outcome

The end terrace wall now has a fresh and unique look that is as historical as it is modern.


More importantly, the massive crack that was threatening to bring down the wall has been repaired. The end terrace wall is now stable and stronger than it has been for over 50 years.

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