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Westconnex: Worried your home's structure may get damaged?

Sydney's Westconnex project has damaged the lives and homes of thousands of people. If you're worried you're next, click through to find out more.

Author: Buildfix     Published: 10th July 2018

Wall repair: a step by step guide to fixing cracks and dents

If you're in need of wall repair because cracks and dents have appeared, you've come to the right place. Click through for our step by step guide.

Author: Buildfix     Published: 2nd June 2018

Polyurethane and its amazing, far-reaching applications

Polyurethane is an incredible substance used in thousands of everyday products. Find out the extent to which polyurethane has changed your life.

Author: Buildfix     Published: 12th May2018

How to prevent your house from sinking

Are you concerned that your house will sink or is already sinking into the ground? Click through to find cost-effective ways to prevent your house from sinking.

Author: Buildfix     Published8th March 2018

Subsidence: what are its top 5 causes?

Subsidence is caused by a wide variety of factors in your local environment. If you're
concerned your home is sinking, read this post to find out what causes it.

Author: Buildfix     Published: 1st February 2018

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