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Brick arch repaired and sunken wall releveled in Sydney’s Inner West.


Our brief

The owner of the home (and its sole occupant), contacted us after she had called a local handyman for reparations to her home.


Having noticed the problematic brick arch out the front of the house, the handyman built his own temporary prop to stop it from coming down. Upon his recommendation and recommendations from family friends, the home owner contacted us for a more permanent solution.


When we arrived, the problem was visible from the street. It was obvious that due to subsiding walls, the brick arch had broken. Both the arch and the walls were unstable and needed reparation work right away.

Our challenge

After a quick analysis, the reason for the subsidence which lead to the cracked brick arch was clear.


Because the road and footpath were slightly elevated, storm water had been running underneath the footing of the house for years.


Even though the local council had altered the drainage system years before our arrival, the soil erosion damage caused by storm water still remained.


Our solution

As the brick arch and walls were about to fall apart, our top priority was to stop the walls from sinking any further as soon as possible. To do this, we injected the ground with our own unique geopolymer resin solution, GeoPoly™. It worked.


Having stopped the walls from sinking we were able to get to work on repairing the walls. We installed our own HelicalBars™ into the walls which solidified them and gave them rock-solid stability.


We also used HelicalBars™ to re-enforce the lintel. Masonry beams were installed to stop the broken brick arch from coming apart. This also diverted load evenly through the arch and down each side of the wall right down to the footing.


Any cracks that sat above the arch were also stitched with our HelicalBars™ for further stability.


To give it that final touch, we tidied up this project by repointing the brickwork and patched up the wet dash render which allowed a local painter to simply apply a new lick of paint.


We left our props at the site for a week to make sure everything was stable and a week later we went back to remove them.


The outcome

In the end, it was as if the subsidence and crack in the arch had never happened!


To complete this reparations project, we didn’t knock any walls down or rebuild the arch. We were able to re-lift the arch without removing a single brick from the structure.


The walls, the brick arch and the ground that the structure sits on is now rock-solid. The homeowner feels safe within her own home.

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