Structural Damage From Down Stairs Reno Fixed

Three story apartment block in Potts Point shows structural damage from downstairs renovation. Cause Fairly common with major renovations in milti-story buildings, cracks can appear above where walls have been removed or altered. In this case the wall directly below was removed to make way for an open plan living space. The consequence was structural damage to the apartments above. Solution To spread the structures load evenly, a masonry beam was created directly above where the movement had occurred. Along with the removal of damaged plaster work, cracks were exposed and filled. The wall panel was then finish with a skim-coat, ready to be painted. #structuraldamage

Structural Repair To Well Known Inner West Doctor Surgery

Serving the community for over four decades, this popular GP surgery in Sydney's Inner West was in need of some structural and cosmetic surgery before it was handed over to new owners. Cause The driveway to the left in the picture above had been added to over the years with little consideration given for rain water drainage. In the picture above you may be able to notice the direction of the cracks under the window. This suggested that movement had been to the left side of the building. During the repair works a flash flood reaffirmed that subsidence due to rain water was the most likely cause. Solution Underpin foundation at multiple points and create masonry beams internally and externally

Wall Crack Repairs Under Window

This crack started to develop under the window over the past five years and was a big concern for the current owners. Buildfix discovered a likely cause and was able to come up with a cost effective repair solution that didn't include expensive and disruptive underpinning. Cause A leaking bathroom pipe and shower drainage had seeped into the basement for a number of years causing the soils under the foundation to erode very slightly, but enough to cause movement above. Solution Before structural works were carried out a plumber was contacted and all pipes and drainage were repaired to stop any further damage to the wall. After all plumbing works were complete Buildfix introduced a crack stit